Ad Investment Management have been around as Ad Idem since January 2017, when Jim sold his business, JGB Partners, and joined forces with Ann. We have over 80 buy side clients ranging from some of the world largest Asset Management firms right down to Hedge Funds with a handful of staff. We treat every hire in exactly the same way, giving it our full attention and commitment to finding the best candidate for individual client requirements.

Our processes are uncomplicated and engineered to make the process as simple and effective for our clients as possible.

Step One

We will take a role briefing from you, in depth, to help us understand exactly what it is you are looking for. We will cover off key criteria in terms of salary, role responsibilities and candidate requirements, including any specific technical or systems skills needed.

Step Two

Using our extensive industry and market knowledge, we consult with you to discuss any possible discrepancies between what you need and what we know is available to you, ironing out finer points to ensure you are happy with how we will be taking the process forward, including any timeframes and touch points that need to be adhered to.

Step Three

Before we ‘go to market’ we will speak with our pre-existing network of candidates to shortlist a range of options for you and have these presented within 24 hours of initial brief. In this time, we will be able to let you know how many people we have spoken to, how many people are interested and, if necessary, why candidates are not interested. This ensures you are getting a quick oversight of the available market before we dive deeper into a bespoke search, setting new timescales and agendas depending on the complexity of the hire.

Step Four

It’s now a case of managing the process, making sure we always have clear lines of communication between you, us and the candidates at all times. We will provide you with a diverse and balanced shortlist of candidates, all of whom will have already been thoroughly vetted through our own rigorous processes and with the addition of our “Hinterview” video technology, can even provide you with initial screening on recorded video that can then be shared with other in your business. This effectively eliminates the need for a first stage screening process, saving you time and effort. More about our use of technology can be found here.

It’s that simple!

We will always be honest with you, consulting and guiding you through every hire. Should we find that you are underpaying, overpaying or looking for something that the market cannot offer. You can then decide whether to persevere with this approach or whether we need to amend certain criteria in order to best fulfil your needs. If we are unable to secure interviews within 7 days, this usually means that there is a discrepancy of this sort, though we look to eliminate this early in the process using the above methodology.

Also, remember, this service costs you nothing until point of hire. All we ask in return is that you keep in contact with us. We won’t call you 10 times a day and we won’t bother you unnecessarily. Please feel free to discuss this with us and contact us for more information.


Experience, Knowledge, Honesty and Integrity in Investment Management recruitment.